Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

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Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue - draw one line to save the Stickman from the threat!

Are you a good draftsman or Do you want to test your creativity?
Are you a puzzle lover?

Now you have a good chance!

Draw a line to help the little man and protect him from swords, bullets, bombs... and many other life-threatening attacks!
You are free to draw any shelters and defenses to help the little man survive.
Learn to draw lines creatively, improve your logic and develop your brain!

+ Lots of levels and endless fun!
+ Never get bored again!
+ Simple but amazing physics system!
+ Improve your brain!
+ Addictive and relaxing.


+ Draw only one line to complete the level task.
Finish the drawing with one continuous line.

+ Make sure your lane doesn't damage the Stickman you need to protect.

+ There can be more than one answer.
Draw any thing, because each of them can be the answer!


Puzzle Boys Stickman


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